Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Nevermore Academy, a school that nurtures outcasts and supernatural students. Spooky plus mystery shroud these teens in a vintage setting that lends itself to some unintentional eco moments…if you know where to look.

For anyone who has been a lifelong admirer of the 60s-era sitcom The Addams Family, or if Tim Burton’s Netflix version is your first encounter, “Wednesday” has had a significant impact on pop culture.

The Addams Family has delivered tongue-in-cheek commentary upon the nuclear family and contemporary living, with themes that have grown with audiences since it was an ABC sitcom in the 60s.  

But that’s not why the new Netflix hit is trending in our book. While the particular core family members ( Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, and Uncle Fester) live lavishly in their mansion, their old-school lifestyle includes uniform-like clothing that is repeatedly reused in scenes, rarely-used electricity in their own dark, spooky house, plus opting for family-friendly activities over watching TV, like Gomez in addition to Morticia’s tango, or Wednesday and Pugsley’s “Is There a God? ” game.

Bringing us back to Nevermore with all of the spookiness that comes with a supernatural school, the academy sees its students, particularly Wednesday, making unintentional green actions inspired by her family’s technology-avoiding lifestyle.

Wednesday’s Iconic Heatless Hairstyle 

Wednesday Addams’ braids may be the girl most recognizable feature, yet they also remind viewers of an eco-friendly decision.

Wearing a heatless hairdo results in less electricity consumption and healthier hair, and it fits in nicely with Wednesday’s old-school attitude in order to modern dwelling lifestyles.

A Real Connoisseur of Less is More

Wednesday loves keeping things simple. She adorns the woman apartment along with basic Addams necessities like a cello, typewriter, lamp, and your ex severed hand bestie (aka Thing), in contrast to her roommate geek-girl roomie Enid Sinclair, who prefers colors inside rainbow shades and girlish frills about almost every outfit.

A Luddite Queen

Moreover, Wednesday will be a Luddite queen who hates technology and typically the digital rubbish that is included with it. In addition to sparsely lighting rooms with single-bulb lights, sometimes candles (a hereditary Addams family habit),   Wednesday (and Thing) type up notes and college assignments using a typewriter. In real life, writing notes on paper can save up to 75 kWh associated with power each year . Time to hail our eco-savior together with Luddite queen of Nevermore.

Unusual Plant Conservancy  

The plant conservancy at Nevermore (managed by Marilyn Thornhill , played by Christina Ricci, or our own ’90s Wednesday) is home to a variety of carnivorous plants and unusual blossoms.

Believe this or not, those spiky carnivorous vegetation can be very useful as they function as natural pest management in pots, feasting in spiders, flies, gnats, and other insects.

Not only are these plants literal living works of art, but they furthermore prevent this spread regarding deadly diseases like Malaria. Big applause to their unintended ecosystem developer!

Matching Handmade Snoods 

Oh, never forget about those tight-knit snoods! Enid Sinclair, Wednesday’s werewolf-related bunkmate, crochets double snoods (or cowls) for herself and additionally Wednesday, each in often the character’s distinctive color, as a visual symbol involving friendship.

Not surprisingly, it offers gone viral that fans are now sharing patterns not to mention instructions with regard to replicating your charming and also comfortable item just found in time for  this winter, and the exact onscreen gesture is starting a trend in the real world as well.  

After all, handmade, DIY products make for the best eco-friendly gifts this time of year.

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