• Price:   $45
  • Tech specs or features: Uniquely patterned | Interior recycled fabric | Tree planted for every product sold

There are all kinds of reasons to pick up Reveal’s cork iPad case. To begin with, you would be hard-pressed to find a better shock absorber, insulator, and water resistant covering for your device. This one is stylish and has access to all the necessary parts of your device, like buttons, ports, speakers, plus cameras. It also has the recyclable lining.

Equally important is the story around the substance used. Cork oak trees are harvested only once in nine years in a lifetime that spans 150 — but without harming a leaf. The bark is simply stripped off and a new one is allowed in order to grow. Ever since the wine industry began to use screw tops, demand for natural has fallen precipitously in certain areas like Portugal which can prove to be the devastating ecological development in the long run. After all, cork oak trees are incredible water regulators, home to diverse species, and prevent areas from turning into deserts. Here’s a gift that has an unique story plus will turn heads.

By Ellie

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