Alongside its collection of stylish household items that includes items from sustainable suppliers, Nookary sells a range of eco-friendly probiotic refillable cleaning products. The collection of bathroom, kitchen and all-purpose refillable products come in a glass bottle to start and you can order pouches to top up. The beautiful amber coloured 500ml glass bottles come with 50ml concentrated formula, which needs in order to be diluted with water so a person can start using it. As the range is made with minimum preservatives and stabilizers you do need to use the diluted formula within three weeks for best results. You can choose from air fresheners, all-purpose cleaners, bundles plus starter kits as well as carpet cleaners.

WIRED tested: The Probiotic All-Purpose Cleaner in Sicilian Lemon, which we really enjoyed using as we simply loved the lemon and bergamot scent. There are in fact four scents in the range including ‘Beautifully Bare’, English Garden and Tranquil Moments that all leave the room smelling suitably fresh. What Nookary does well is offer refill pouches, which are sturdy enough to be sent back to Nookary to become refilled again and again.  

Unlike harsh chemicals, a probiotic cleaner such as this is non-toxic and uses Bacillus bacteria. What all of us particularly like about this all-in-one spray will be that it can be used across the home cutting through grease and dirt on worktops in the kitchen and enamel on the particular bathroom sink. We tried the formula to clean the windows too and were impressed at how well it cleaned the dirt and left a gleaming finish. There’s also a rather lovely air freshener in the range and the very ample 500ml refillable pouch that will last you quite a while.

Pros: Stylish refillable cup pouches; excellent scents; effective and gentle   

Cons: Plastic spray heads – although they can be recycled in end associated with life; once diluted make use of within 3 weeks for best results

Price: From £9. 50 | Nookary

3 Alternative Washing Up Tools  

Want to switch your washing up sponge to an eco-friendly version? Try these top buys.  

Seep Compostable Sponge With Loofah Scourer 

Try Seep for plastic-free, compostable clean up and cleaning sponges. The particular sponges expand with drinking water and have a softer part made from cellulose wood pulp and harder side made from dried loofah fibres. We were impressed from how well the sponge retained the shape plus fibres and we were able to use it for far longer than we would a traditional sponge. The company also sells recyclable copper scourers that look interesting and are antibacterial, non-rust and work well at getting rid of burnt-on stains.

Price: From £9. 50 for a 4-pack of sponges | Leak    

Lakeland LoofCo Washing Upward Sponge

Lakeland has a delightful range of traditional cleaning tools on its website which includes this durable and environmentally friendly washing brush that is produced with coconut coir. Biodegradable and recyclable and with 21cm long, it is robust enough in order to keep the shape and target stubborn marks upon pots plus pans. It even comes with a Lakeland 3-year guarantee, so there’s no excuses for not washing upward.  

Price: £4 | Lakeland

Nookary Eco-friendly Dish Brush

Many washing up brushes are made from plastic with nylon bristles that break down into micro plastics that contaminate our water, but this beautiful aluminium-based design through Nookary is different. What’s more, it has a replaceable head made from bamboo with natural sisal plant bristles. Who knew clean up could end up being this stylish?  

Price: £20 | Nookary


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