It can be hard to buy presents for your environmentally conscious friends. You don’t want to buy something that will produce waste and a lot of products require immense amounts of energy to be made.


Luckily, the eco-friendly market has exploded over the years, offering loads of fantastic products and gifts that wont leave behind a large carbon footprint in the process.

These include products made with sustainable materials, smart technology to reduce wastage plus products with a reusable system to replace the throwaway items you might have in your own house.

Whatever the event, we’ve picked out a collection of some of the particular best environmentally friendly gifts you can get in 2022.

The best eco-friendly items in 2022

WAFE Beeswax food wrap

reusable beeswax food wraps

Forget tupperware, beeswax wraps are a much more earth-friendly alternative to protecting your food in addition to, they look much nicer too! With these beeswax wraps from WAFE, you’ll get a pack of six and they’ll throw in 3 reusable silicone lids. Beeswax wraps are 100% organic, made from just cotton and even beeswax and can be cleaned along with water for an uncomplicated cleaning process.

Vent for change eco-friendly notebook

Notebook from vent for change

A notebook feels like the personal gift for someone who loves the lost art associated with writing by hand. However , a lot of notebooks can be created using harmful plastics or materials together with a high carbon impact. Vent for Change makes their notebook computers with recycled leather together with 100% sustainable paper. As an added bonus, money from your current purchase goes towards educational projects ran by Vent For Change’s ‘Our Bright Futures’ campaign.

Chillys Series 2 Bottle

Chillys bottles in an array of colours

Reusable bottles seem to become everywhere now and one regarding the brands you’ve likely seen the most is Chillys. These bottles come in a huge array involving colours and additionally can keep a liquid cold with regard to 24+ hours or hot for 12. These BPA-free water bottles are a new great way to keep behind the days of plastic water bottles and have a sturdy reusable bottle for water, coffee, tea or just about any drink you could need.

House connected with Marley Positive Vibrations headphones

House of Marley has a reputation for creating lasting audio technologies and with the Positive Vibration two headphones, you can present a pretty sustainable pair of earphones. They are crafted using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood and recyclable metals not to mention fabrics. While the environmentally friendly nature of these headphones are the major selling point, the Vibration 2’s have also won multiple awards regarding sound quality, while also offering bluetooth connection, noise isolation and also an average battery life with 12 hrs.

Panda bedding

Panda bamboo bedsheets

Okay, so this is simply by no means a cheap gift idea for someone but if you’re really looking to splash away, Panda’s totally bamboo bedding could be the perfect luxury surprise. Panda sources its bamboo from sustainably grown forests, requiring some sort of third less water than cotton and requires no pesticides or chemicals. The bedding is designed to get softer the more it is washed as well as according to Panda, the bamboo bedding material makes this bedsheets highly breathable – perfect for both summer and winter conditions.

Sprout pencils

Sprout pencils for planting seeds

These pencils have an unique feature that make them a fantastic product. Once you’ve finished using them, typically the end of the pencil can be planted. The pack comes using 8 pencils, each growing a different seed including: Sage, Thyme, Chiand Daisies. The pencils are lead-free and made through sustainable components, plus the packaging is FSC certified.

Rocketbook reusable laptop

Rocketbook smart notepad

The particular Rocketbook is an unique and very clever notepad which could make a great recylable gift. Typically the Rocketbook allows you to write on the pages and then simply rub it out there when you’re done. Where this differs coming from a simple whiteboard is that you can scan and save your notes, organising them and allowing a person to forward notes to Slack, the email, Dropbox and a good host for other apps. This effectively leaves an individual with an endless use and pretty technical notebook computer! You can even search for specific words in your own personal notes once you’ve scanned them.

For more options, see our rundown of this best reusable notebooks to buy online .

Green Swing bamboo sheets golf tees

Green swing golf tees

Is there a golf fanatic in your personal life? If so, these eco friendly golf t-shirts could end up being the perfect gift. The rest includes 30 mixed size bamboo golf tees which usually Green Swing claims are usually strong, ecological and biodegradable. The packs are very affordable plus come highly rated on Amazon. Green Swing’s goal is in order to eliminate the use of plastics in golfing and these tees usually are a great first step.

Jungle Culture coconut candle

A candle can make a great present intended for someone and if you’re looking to get one that will be environmentally friendly, Jungle Culture has a brilliant option. This coconut candle is vegan friendly, in addition to completely plastic free. This scents are usually made using essential oils and its free of parabens (a type of preservative often found in candles). It even comes in a cotton gift bag which saves you the hassle (and wastage) of whipping out the wrapping paper!

Little Sun Diamond portable lamp

Little sun diamond lamp

Often the Little Sun Diamond lamp is a good unique product that could be ideal for an biodegradable camper or simply someone that will needs a lamp for their garden. Five several hours under the sun will give this particular solar-powered light enough power to power 5 time of illumination at night at full energy, and a few a lot more at low power. Your product is usually resistant to be able to UV and even weather damage and by purchasing this light fixture, you help the company provide often the product in heavily reduced costs for you to parts of Africa that lack access to grid electricity.

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