InfinityLab instant station stand

InfinityLab instant station stand

LOVING the earth, making the planet carbon-free, and saving the planet are not just our personal goals, but a corporate direction. Companies all over the world have started to make small steps toward attaining that zero emission and applying green technology and procedures to create a sustainable environment by 2050.

Recyclable materials

To start it up, using biodegradable and fully recycled (and recyclable) materials from the production line is the particular best way from the manufacturing point of view. Imagine, if you use 90 percent recycled material, you’ve already taken your first step towards saving Mother Earth.

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The built-in charging cables are made from weaved polyester yarn, producing it biodegradable over time and leaving no plastic component when disposed properly.

No plastic used in the particular packaging

Hardened paper plus carton products are all you see in the packaging. FSC-certified forest to produce FSC-certified paper, made for non-controversial harvesting.

Just the right sized packaging

Minimalistic in design, space-saving, small footprint; big on savings inside moving the items, making it cost-efficient and eco-friendly.

InfinityLab chargers don’t just give you the particular latest getting technology that will protects your own devices along with its Power Distribution plus fast charging, it also comes lightweight and simple in design and sturdy in performance. Harman InfinityLab also guarantees that each product is made from eco-friendly recyclable materials, allowing you to contribute to a zero-emission, carbon-free impact while adapting to its technology.

InfinityLab is a sub-product line of the US-based company Harman, a pioneer in audio technologies that delivers top-notch products for consumers and professional systems.

InfinityLab is the result of eight years associated with brainstorming and ideation at the Harman Innovation Workshop, which made InfinityLab a partner for sustainable and innovative technology.

For more information, visit infinitylab. com. ph .

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