On Nov. 1, POSCO held the Green Materials Forum 2022 in Songdo Convensia… About 1, 100 people from 560 companies in 28 countries participatedr

CEO Jeong-woo Choi said, “We will lead a low-carbon society and create real customer value with green potential materials”

Launch of ‘Greenate’, a net-zero carbon masterbrand for the low-carbon product technology process and secondary battery materials

i> Sharing of green products and solutions by industry… POSCO Group also provided a blueprint for the particular secondary electric battery material business

POSCO held the Green Components Forum 2022 in Songdo Convensia on November 1.

The POSCO Green Materials Forum has been held every other year since 2010 to solidify company partnerships along with customers plus enhance exchanges with potential customers.

It had been held with the title “Global Early Vendor Involvement (EVI) Forum” and was focused on steel. However , the title was changed to “Green Components Forum” for this year’s event by extending the scope of client participation to the secondary battery pack material area. About one, 100 people from 560 companies in 28 countries participated, and the event was held in the calm atmosphere, with some additional events canceled or scaled down.

In this forum that was held for the first time in four years due in order to COVID-19, POSCO Group CEO Jeong-woo Choi, Climate Change Center Chairman Young-sook Yoo, President Jang-ho Lee associated with the Korea Wind Energy Association, Marinus van der Meijs, the chief technology officer of Hardt, a company leading the particular development of hyperloop future green transportation, Tony Kiernan, chairman associated with the Board of Directors, and Pilbara Minerals, a joint venture of POSCO’s ore lithium business, participated and shared various opinions.

In his keynote speech, TOP DOG Jeong-woo Choi expressed his gratitude to the customers who have given their unwavering trust to POSCO so that it can have the world’s best competitiveness. “We want in order to lead the low-carbon community and leap into a company that represents green potential future materials. Now, we would like to open the future together with customers by creating real value with regard to customers along with green future materials, ” he stated.

In particular, POSCO launched ‘Greenate’, a masterbrand representing POSCO’s “net-zero carbon 2050, ” at this discussion board. Greenate is a brand that encompasses all departmental efforts and items for producing low-carbon, eco-friendly steel in the process of converting to environmentally friendly secondary battery power materials and hydrogen-reduced steel, as well as the particular three major eco-friendly metal brands represented by e Autopos, INNOVILT, and Greenable. POSCO Team plans in order to systematically communicate its attempts and achievements to achieve 2050 carbon neutrality internally plus externally with Greenate.

Meanwhile, POSCO also held an MOU occasion with LG Electronics and Volvo Construction Equipment to supply and purchase mass-balance type low-carbon steel products. Mass-balance type low-carbon steel is really a product that will reflects the carbon emission reduction performance certified simply by an external professional organization, and clients who purchase the product are recognized as having reduced carbon emissions corresponding towards the product. This agreement is the first case that POSCO is pushing for in line with the global green steel market, where the introduction of mass-balance type low-carbon steel is spreading.

In the afternoon, 123 products and solutions were exhibited in a total associated with seven sessions, including eco-friendly vehicles, energy shipbuilding, hot rolled wire rods, and secondary battery materials, centered on the three eco-friendly brand zones. For each session, 41 opinion leaders including university professors were invited to explain to customers business insights related to the corresponding industry plus the direction of the particular latest technology development, and POSCO’s product in addition to solution advancement trends had been also shared.

In addition , POSCO introduced the metaverse platform experience zone, which will be developed starting next year, for easy and even convenient communication with clients. Here, scenes where customer product development was supported and client claims have been resolved were being demonstrated with a digital simulator that communicates with an AI chatbot. When the metaverse-based platform is developed, it is expected that it will be possible to respond in order to customer inquiries such as product recommendations, order and shipment status, together with market outlook in real time.

“We will take typically the lead in building a digital steel ecosystem where stakeholders in the steel industry can cooperate, ” POSCO Vice Chairman Hak-dong Kim said. “The metaverse-based platform can be extended to an open cooperation space that can create opportunities with regard to various new businesses beyond the steel business, inch he added.

At this forum, POSCO expanded assistance in technology development and additionally the adoption of environmentally friendly products by signing 71 business agreements in active response to be able to customer companies’ solution provision and low-carbon demands.

In the process of transitioning to a low-carbon system, POSCO will focus its capabilities on creating a robust industrial environment by always listening for you to customers’ voices and prioritizing promises to help customers, providing eco-friendly not to mention safe customized solutions for each industry.

POSCO also installed a promotional banner in the event hall regarding “World Expo 2030 Busan” to inform South Korea’s will to host this Busan Expo, which drew a lot of attention.

▲ POSCO held “Green Materials Forum 2022” in Songdo Convensia on November 1. CEO Jeong-woo Choi regarding POSCO Group gives a keynote speech.

▲ POSCO kept “Green Components Forum 2022” in Songdo Convensia upon November 1. In the event, POSCO launched Greenate, a masterbrand representing POSCO’s net-zero carbon 2050. From left, Hui-ryeong Lee, vice chairman involving SeAH Steel, Jung-son Chon, president connected with POSCO Holdings, Yeong-ho Im, vice president of Hyundai Heavy Industries, CEO Jeong-woo Choi with POSCO Group, Hak-dong Kim, vice chairman of POSCO, Kyu-seok Lee, vice chief executive of Hyundai Motor, and also Tak Jeong, president for POSCO inside order.

▲ POSCO placed “Green Supplies Forum 2022” in Songdo Convensia about November 1 . CEO Jeong-woo Choi about POSCO Team gives a new keynote speech. POSCO received lots of interest by announcing Korea’s will to host the Busan Expo.

▲ POSCO organised “Green Elements Forum 2022” in Songdo Convensia in November one. In case hall, 123 items and options were showed in some sort of total in seven classes, including earth-friendly vehicles, power shipbuilding, very hot rolled wire rods, as well as secondary electric battery materials, focused on three eco-friendly brand name zones.

▲ POSCO presented “Green Resources Forum 2022” in Songdo Convensia with November one In often the event corridor, 123 products and solutions ended up exhibited in a total from 7 periods, including biodegradable vehicles, vitality shipbuilding, warm rolled cable rods, and secondary battery pack materials, centering on your three bio-degradable brand zones.

▲ POSCO held “Green Materials Forum 2022” in Songdo Convensia on November 1 ) Inside the event hall, 123 companies remedies were displayed in a total of 7 sessions, including eco-friendly vehicles, energy shipbuilding, hot rolled wire rods, and secondary battery materials, centering at the three eco-friendly company zones.



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