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As we usher in the festive season with delicacies, beautifully decorated houses and new outfits, it is important to remember the spirit of giving. Gifting our dear ones beautiful plus thoughtful presents could also mean giving them sustainable, eco-friendly products.

Here are some of the best ideas for ‘green gifts’ for your loved ones this festive season:

1. Flowercycled incense sticks

Phool incense sticks from recycled temple flowers.
Phool incense stays from recycled temple flowers.

Fragrance and aroma play a key role while setting the mood for any festival, making it a perfect gift for your loved ones. Though there are several brands available in the market with a wide range of fragrances, it is essential to be a bit more thoughtful while buying them. Therefore , always choose handcrafted organic incense sticks made from pure plus natural materials .

Buy organic incense sticks made from temple flowers here .

2. DIY Microgreens growing kit

Microgreens growing kit
Microgreens developing kit

Plants make with regard to great gifts as they can be gifted on any occasion. A twist to the regular green gifts is the DIY microgreen growing kit.

Microgreens are healthy and add so much flavour to all your favourite foods ranging through salad in order to sandwiches. Moreover, it is a perfect gift regarding aspiring urban gardeners.

Buy a microgreens growing package here .

3. Eco-friendly coasters and trivets

Cork coasters
Cork coasters

The creative option for gifting during festivals, elegant coasters and trivets are one of the best and most durable products. A stylish set of coasters or a trivet would add more elegance and colour to your presentation and dining space.

Make sure that you buy products made using eco-friendly components like bamboo, reclaimed wood, cork, etc

Purchase a set associated with cork coasters here .

4. Upcycled accessories

Neeman's shoe made with 100 per cent recycled PET bottles.
Neeman’s shoe produced with 100 per cent recycled PET bottles.

If you are usually looking for an unique and useful gift then choose add-ons that are trendy and many importantly comfortable. Be it a handbag, purse, belt, hat or even a shoe choose the sustainable product that is chemical-free, eco-friendly plus sustainable. Look for manufacturers that make stylish items using natural, renewable, reused or biodegradable materials that will would promote sustainability thereby adding more value to it.

Purchase a pair of slip-on shoes intended for men, made with 100 per cent recycled PET bottles right here .

5. Upcycled planters

Upcycled planter made from a glass bottle.
Upcycled hanging planter made from a glass bottle.

Planters not only serve as a holder to get your plant babies but also add charm to your own home decor. To make it even more attractive and unique, one can gift upcycled planters that come in several sizes and shapes.

Planters produced from old bottles or reclaimed wooden, add a quirky charm to the home’s aesthetics. These creative planters are available in all price ranges.

Buy an upcycled glass bottle hanging planter here .

6. Plantable Stationery

Plantable stationery products.
Plantable stationery products.

While looking for eco-friendly gifts, you can always consider innovative and creative green items.

Go pertaining to plantable stationery that has been embedded with seeds that grow on disposal. These environmentally friendly products include plantable notepads , eco pens, paper pencils with seeds, etc.  

Buy a set of plantable stationery here .

7. Healthy munchies or snacks

A healthy snack made from jowar.
A healthy snack made from jowar.

Edible products have always been a common yet favourite gifting option during festivals. But rather than opting for traditional snacks and sweets add a healthy twist by gifting your friends and relatives preservative-free, organically-grown and healthful snacks or even ready-to-make items.

Buy a millet-based healthy snack here .

8. Eco-friendly cutlery

A set of reusable steel cutlery
A set of reusable steel cutlery.

Steer clear associated with plastic or perhaps one-time-use cutleries this festive season. Opt for eco-friendly or reusable cutlery sets that lessen the overall plastic waste.

Buy an eco-friendly utensils set here .

9. Eco-friendly and ethical apparel

A pure cotton saree by Suta
A pure cotton saree by Suta.

You can’t go wrong along with eco-friendly clothing brands. From western wear to ethnic, there are several Indian brands that promote sustainable fashion by offering a wide range of apparel which is eco-friendly plus ethically produced . These brands upcycle left-over or maybe discarded fabrics into beautiful outfits and also use real organic materials.

Buy an ethically manufactured pure cotton saree here .

10. Upcycled bags as well as wallets

Eco-friendly startup india
Bags created from upcycled plastics.

Gift someone an environmentally friendly and handmade bag, which is made simply by upcycling discarded materials like fabrics in addition to even plastic materials. Buying one such product would mitigate the waste from landfills, thereby making it an ideal eco-conscious gift.

Buy an upcycled bag right here .

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