We are consumed by stuff and things. As a society, material items have become a staple of status and prestige.

The average home has 300, 000 items, plus 1 out of every 10 Americans rents offsite storage spaces. The average woman owns 30 outfits—one for every day of the month. In 1930, that figure was nine. And when talking about celebrities and possessions, the number increases.

Jenna Haefelin, founder of SPIFF, offers A-list celebrities, athletes and high-end clientele a sustainable and minimalistic approach to luxury home organization. Most recently, she’s worked with Justine Skye, Julius and Kendra Randall plus Pete Davidson. Her minimalistic approach helps clients not only organize their homes but also helps clear people’s mindsets by eliminating unnecessary items.

“There’s a weight lifted off [the client’s] shoulders when we leave, ” Haefelin states, “which is the goal, aside from visually, that’s what we want; we would like the energy to flow better in their home. They let go and understand that once it’s gone, they’re going to be able in order to breathe much better metaphorically. I always say, ‘visual clutter is clutter in your brain, ’ which isn’t good for your own mental state. ”

Growing up, Haefelin found when her space was clean and organized, she felt better mentally and was more productive. She knew she wouldn’t thrive at a nine-to-five desk job, so she opted to become a full-time nanny; she liked how each day time would be different. Haefelin didn’t want to nanny for her entire career. During this time, she self-reflected on what the girl liked to do and how to create the business.

“I asked myself over and more than, ‘What’s my passion? ’” she explains. “All We could come up with was cleaning, but I wanted something more creative. I did not wish to actually clean. So I came up with the idea of organizing before it really took away to what it is now. I love art; this is like art to me. Each job is a blank canvas. It’s always different. I don’t enjoy doing the same thing every single day. Therefore this gives me the ability to become creative. ”

Haefelin reduced her nannying hours to build out her business. She posted the girl service on the Nextdoor app, a community bulletin in order to reduce overhead costs. After a few clients, word of mouth became her most effective marketing tool. Celebrities started hiring her on her organizational skills.

NBA player Bobby Portis grew to become Haefelin’s first celebrity client. He wanted to create a sneaker room in his home, plus she helped him design and arrange a space that would highlight his collection in an organized fashion. Again, word of mouth became a marketing tool for her in the particular celebrity world, along with utilizing social media.

Over the years, Haefelin offers noticed that one of the biggest roadblocks for people dealing with mess is whenever they experience the death of someone close to them; sentimental attachment makes people hold onto items.

“I’m realistic with the clients, ” Haefelin states. “I push them in order to make the best decisions that they can. ”

The approach associated with a new year is always a good time to declutter and organize a space; it’s a fresh start. Haefelin shares that will it’s important to start away from with a small area. Having someone who doesn’t have an attachment to your things will help move the process along quicker; the outsider is objective, realistic plus sees your space from a different point of view.

One of the challenges she faced while expanding the company was hiring the right people. She looked for individuals along with similar views on sustainability, formality and organization. Currently, Haefelin is designing the girl own line of sustainable products. She does not use any plastic items in her work, just eco-friendly materials.

As Haefelin continues in order to evolve in her career and expand her business, she focuses on the following essential steps:

  • Don’t settle in your career. If you’re unsatisfied with what you’re doing, map out what would energize you and strategize how to get there.
  • Save as much money as you may before pivoting. Whether transitioning to a different company or starting a business, having a fund to fall back on helps inside the procedure.
  • Give it a try. No matter what you need to do, you’ll regret not investing in yourself.

“We give our clients emotional bins, ” Haefelin concludes. “We desire them to hang on in order to a certain amount of things like important cards plus letters and some objects, but when it’s occupying a lot of space in your home, it is just taking up too much, and you might need that real estate with regard to something else… So depending on exactly what it is, I ask them to take a picture so they’ll always have the particular memory. ”

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