Monarch are excited to introduce their 2022/23 product collection at Vendex North ; a comprehensive product portfolio to meet all your requirements in the drinking water treatment and vending sector.

Monarch’s vending solutions have been designed to be as affordable plus eco-friendly as possible. ‘Our objective is to provide a range of products that reduce waste, save money by protecting equipment and impress end-user customers with enhanced water quality’, said Ian Flack, Head of Sales.

No matter the type of project, Monarch has you covered and at Vendex, visitors to Stand 106 can get hands on along with just a few of their own innovative, class-leading products…


PRISM Filters The ultra-high-capacity Prism Coffee plus Ice’N’Mix filters utilise unique Anti-scale Nano Energy Tech (NET) from  Monarch, alongside a 3uM carbon block, for optimum performance. These filters are effective against hard scale up in order to 130°C with Magnesium retention for taste and coffee extraction.

BREW Filters For professional and premium quality drinking water, the Brew filters incorporate pH stable resin along with a carbon fleece that removes limescale and chlorine to protect your investment and help make the perfect hot drink. These filter systems come with auto shut-off heads with regard to quick and easy cartridge changes.

CFU/CTUs + Regen Lab Whatever water treatment requirements are needed in vending, the Café plus Acqua CFUs from Monarch have it covered. Designed to deliver no-nonsense protection against limescale and improve water quality and flavor, the CFU offers simplicity and flexibility in a cost-effective package.

Ian will also be eager to tell you about the new state-of-the-art in-house regeneration service from Monarch for all Calcium Filter Unit (CFU) items and other major brands within the CFU/CTU market. ‘The Regen Laboratory, launching Q1 2023, uses a proprietary, unique food grade process that enables the regeneration of the units without altering or changing any capacities during the regen process’, he said. ‘The lab allows the reduction of single-use plastics within the Foodservice and Snack industry by implementing truly green and eco-friendly products within a customer’s supply chain. I encourage people to visit us at Vendex Northern, stand 106, to find out more. ’

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