Koozie Group (asi/40480) is stepping up its eco-conscious sourcing practices to help protect forests.

The Clearwater, FL-based Top 40 promotional products supplier says that most of its calendars and all of its paper mouse pads, Souvenir Sticky Note pads and Souvenir scratch patches now come from facilities that are certified by either the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) or the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) .

Both organizations focus on responsible forest management, offering certifications that aim to show that raw materials used to produce various products come from jungles that are being managed to high levels of environmental plus social responsibility standards. Forests managed under the FSC in addition to SFI must adhere in order to strict guidelines.

“As the particular largest manufacturer of marketing calendars in North America, we had already spent a lot associated with time focusing on reducing paper waste, ” said Alicia Swift, Koozie Group senior product manager. “It was a logical next step to start using more sustainable raw materials across our calendar lines: Triumph Calendars, HotLine Products, and even Good Value. Choosing responsibly sourced papers for these best sellers, along with our popular Memorabilia Sticky Note and scratch pad lines, is propelling us toward our environmental stewardship goals. ”

Koozie Group’s work on paper-sourcing is part regarding its broader “Keep It. Give It. ” initiative – a corporate responsibility plan that addresses environmental stewardship, diversity/inclusion, safety/social responsibility, together with giving back to employees and communities. Notably, all three involving Koozie Group’s domestic services received FSC and SFI certification in 2021.

“By choosing document produced from certified forests, Koozie Group is ensuring that the supply chain supports typically the company’s environment, social, and additionally governance commitments, ” this supplier said.

As discussed in this article, promo leaders have said that will making higher-quality, more eco-conscious products can help elevate the industry’s reputation and also drive sales.

Starting with the 2023 product year, nearly 95% of Koozie Group’s calendars will be produced with FSC- or SFI-certified paper. The addition of your FSC/SFI logo will be a rolling process, along with full implementation on 2024 calendars. The FSC logo has already been added to the exact backer sheets of Memento Sticky Note pads, the supplier stated.

Like Koozie Group, a growing number of promo products suppliers are creating items from a lot more environmentally friendly materials : part of the larger groundswell of sustainability initiatives in the industry.

In mid-November, for example, Norwood, NJ-based supplier AAA Innovations (asi/30023) announced that it’s in the process connected with transitioning their entire product line so that every item is made from eco-friendly materials. Meanwhile, Bolingbrook, IL-based supplier Toddy Gear (asi/91411) also shared in November that some of its best-selling products feature a thin microfiber produced through recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET).

Based on reported 2021 North American promotional product revenue of $300 million, Koozie Group ranked sixth on Counselor’s most recent list of the largest suppliers in the particular industry.

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