New photography bags are made continually, as the way we shoot changes and our kit changes size (either we upgrade to a bigger, more advanced model or upgrade to some, well, smaller, more advanced model).

We know that the greatest camera bags (opens in new tab) can truly enrich your shooting experience, plus most of us have several camera hand bags for different situations – one day you might need a high-capacity backpack with regard to squeezing everything in, while the next you’ll use a smaller sling or shoulder bag for a few bits of gear. And while it makes sense to have a variety of options, there’s an environmental cost to constantly buying brand new bags – a cost that will female-founded company GroundTruth hopes to reduce by making products that are truly built to last. A buy well, purchase once, sort of philosophy.

GoundTruth was set up by three sisters from the documentary film company GroundTruth Productions, who saw the opportunity to create travel products such as bags that drive positive change: reducing plastic waste and improving people’s lives.

I tried out the GroundTruth RIKR digital camera bag, a 3L glenohumeral joint bag that’s carbon neutral and manufactured from 25 plastic bottles. As someone who takes the “green-ness” of a product into account when buying it (you should see my bamboo lunchbox), I wanted to observe if it could be because rugged and stylish since other camera bags on the market.

The shoulder strap is incredibly comfortable, and can be adjusted to suit your needs or detached entirely (Image credit: James Artauis)

The particular GroundTruth RIKR opens up all the method around at the top with a strong zipper, plus there’s a good easy-access pocket for memory cards and other small bits. (Image credit score: James Artauis)


Weight empty: 0. 7kg
Dimensions: 28x15x20cm
Materials (exterior): Ballistic 1200D recycled PET
Materials (interior): Recycled DOG fleece
Waterproofing: Yes
Volume: 3L
Holds: mirrorless or even small DSLR camera with 1-2 standard lenses


Every component in the RIKR range is produced from 100% recycled materials, including the particular zips (Image credit: James Artauis)

When I was younger, eco-friendly items always felt a little compromised – either they were less powerful, a bit ugly, or prohibitively expensive. That’s no longer the case, and Grountruth is proof of that will.

The GroundTruth RIKR digital camera bag has been so carefully thought out, but the eco-friendly experience starts before you even take it out associated with the box. The bag’s packaging is biodegradable plus plastic-free, and there are usually cardboard labels attached to tell you exactly what it’s made from – totally recycled components make up the main bag material, the padding, the linings, and actually the zips.

According to the GroundTruth website, each product is ethically manufactured by Global Recycled Standard manufacturers, plus every method carbon natural. So far, so good, but how will the bag fare in real life?

When I packed it up for a day at The Photography Show, I started to notice just how many details possess gone into it. Neat touches include how numerous bottles went into making the bag (25), the reminder that serves to make you feel somewhat smug. As for the build quality, it’s stunning. The outer material is tough and thick and feels like it would be extremely waterproof in a shower, whilst internally there’s a soft fleecy lining to keep your camera free from scratches. An internal lens hammock sling serves to maintain your digital camera from moving around inside, but you can detach it if you find it much less of a hindrance than a help for your particular gear setup.

You access the main compartment (and there is only one) via a top zip which brings all the particular way around so that will you may really get your hand in. Two side mesh pockets can hold extras like a phone, umbrella or even water bottle, while an inside pocket at the top holds memory space cards or items such as keys securely.

Capacity & usability

It was simply about possible to squeeze a Nikon D800 (an old and chunky camera by anyone’s standards) into the bag, but it is better suited to mirrorless models (Image credit: James Artauis)

The front pocket features rain-sealed zips, and it is super easy get at your laptop quickly – device pockets are so often internal (Image credit score: James Artauis)

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Moving onto the capacity of the RIKR camera handbag, it’s not massive – yet then a possibility meant in order to be. The main 3L area could probably hold a small DSLR or even standard mirrorless camera with a modest zoom lens attached, plus one extra lens or a few accessories. I was able to carry a Nikon D800 (opens within new tab) (with package lenses attached) but this was definitely the squeeze. Fortunately, my new Canon EOS R6 (opens in new tab) fit within much more easily.

While the RIKR 3L digital camera bag  is quite obviously very small (and it’s meant to be) it also fits perfectly in to the side entry of GroundTruth’s  RIKR 24L backpack (opens in brand new tab) , which We also loved and will be sharing a review regarding very soon. The particular space will be ample intended for holding a few essential personal items, alongside one primary camera plus lens set up.


The GroundTruth RIKR camera bag was a joy in order to carry close to at the photography event all day, and more importantly, it had the advantage of producing me really feel stylish. Designed by women, GroundTruth products aren’t just to get women, however the padded straps are comfortable if you’re a female shooter with a smaller frame.

The particular padded make strap is usually incredibly comfy, but this can be removed in case you want to use the bag as a carrier just, or want to insert this into a larger camera backpack.

(Image credit: Wayne Artauis)

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The GroundTruth RIKR 3L camera bag will match photographers that need a stylish yet sturdy carrier pertaining to on-the-go capturing – say exploring the city or taking on a little portrait shoot. Plus of course, it’s the ideal choice meant for those (myself included) who want to be a lot more eco-friendly plus don’t mind paying a bit more for something that will final. The bag is beautifully constructed and rugged, yet aesthetically pleasing. We’ve written a guide upon camera luggage that don’t scream “I’m a photographer” (opens in brand new tab) , and GroundTruth’s RIKR can easily be in there.  

Practically speaking, the internal padding provides protection designed for one digital camera and an attached zoom lens. And while that’s about as roomy as the capability gets, there are also pockets inside and away for camera accessories and personal bits. In short, this isn’t a camera bag suitable for carrying every lens and filter you own, but the convenient (and stylish) option for on-the-move photography. I actually tend to shoot along with one digital camera and zoom lens setup just for the majority of the day, so this was no problem for me, plus I found the camera easy in order to access in a hurry. But when you like or even need to have every thing with you, check out the best digital camera backpacks (opens within new tab) , as this is definitely where you’ll get the most storage. I’ve also tested the GroundTruth RIKR 24L Backpack – which the particular RIKR camera bag suits into – and discovered it to be a fantastic environmentally friendly backpack.

Overall, the GroundTruth RIKR 3L camera bag is a premium product with a price to reflect that. Still, to my mind, a person get what you pay for – along with the knowledge that if you’re buying a camera bag which incredibly environmentally conscious and built to last.

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