EcoSoul Home, one of the leading global players in the eco-friendly home products industry, is all set to introduce the brand in Indian. The company is launching all of its global SKUs in India, including cutlery, garbage bags, and tableware made of palm leaf and bagasse, along with PLA-based items including tableware plus trash hand bags, whereas concentrating on meeting the local demands associated with Indians.

Customers can now order EcoSoul Home products from Amazon and Flipkart. Furthermore, the particular goods will also soon be available on quick e-commerce platforms such Blinkit, Dunzo, and others.

India has a vast source of raw materials, including bagasse, palm leaves, bamboo, jute, bio resins, wheat straw, and rice husk, to name a few, that are needed to produce a wide range of eco-friendly goods. Hence, EcoSoul Home believes that Indian has the potential to become a global manufacturing and development hub for environmentally friendly goods. To keep supporting the production EcoSoul Home has more than 50 contract manufacturing partners signed up in India.  

Rahul Singh plus Arvind Ganesan, Co-founders of EcoSoul House said, “ We are usually excited to expand our footprints in the Indian native Market as the country has the particular potential in order to be a global powerhouse of environmentally friendly product development and manufacturing. Indian has shown the seismic consumer shift towards eco-friendly alternatives, with a tailwind from government policy plus it is the best time to introduce our product range as per the market demand.

Priyanka Aeron, India Managing Director for EcoSoul Home, said, “ We place paramount emphasis on sustainability and India is at a stage in their path to it where EcoSoul Home’s entry in the market is bound to leave a mark that will be unmatched. We are capable to expose new product lines in order to our customers that will certainly help them lead fully eco-friendly lives. As Asia is growing more quickly than other continents, we at EcoSoul House intend to offer Indian consumers high-quality items at reasonable pricing. Going forward EcoSoul will focus on the retail and B2B sides of the business while continuing to serve the particular D2C market.

The launch of eco-friendly products will be well timed as the Indian authorities has recently banned single-use plastics and now the particular country is becoming more aware of the need to implement ‘sustainable’ practices. India is producing a whopping 26 million tons of plastic waste every year and the brand name believes that policy action along with credible products acts as a force multiplier and that’s where their own products may contribute plus move people towards sustainable living.

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