ECOSAC, one of the leading brands associated with eco-friendly shopping bags, launches ‘Ecopath’ to lead India into a sustainable way of life. As the name suggests, the brand envisages calling upon citizens to adopt the ‘Eco-path’ for life; calling the particular eco-conscious citizens dedicated and committed to following the path as ‘Ecopaths’ (to be read as ‘Eco-paeths’ in this context). While 175 countries resolve to end plastic pollution at the UN environment assembly, Ecosac puts its best foot forward to join the global mission, adding a wide range of eco-friendly consumer products under Ecopath.

As per a study, 60 percent of all customer products majorly contribute to the particular global carbon footprint. To aid this concern, Ecopath offers eco-friendly alternatives for daily use consumer products in order to ‘Ecopaths’, who believe in the concept of environmentalism. These products made using responsibly sourced natural and biodegradable raw materials range from coir dishwashing scrub pads, paper stem cotton buds, wooden toothbrushes, tongue cleaners, wood combs, bamboo straws, wooden shaving brushes, and razors to compostable garbage bags named Kachra sack (which are widely available in all major supermarkets).  

Anil Founded ECOSAC in 2016, intrigued about the growing amount of plastic bags being thrown on the side of highways and into local water bodies. He said, “ We make the world a more dangerous place every single day, ignoring the harm being done to our planet with our appetite for single-use plastic. ” 

The concept of Ecopath entails adopting sustainability over consumerism plus making conscious choices for living. “Our prime focus as a brand is on the concept of ‘reuse’. Our hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of attaining net zero carbon footprint by 2070, coupled along with the global agenda of ending single-use plastic pollution gives a great impetus to our pursuit of providing sustainable solutions because an eco-friendly brand” , Anil added.

In spite of the growing menace associated with single-use plastic material and other single-use products, there is a higher level of awareness among consumers. “ The modern-day market is turning eco-conscious, rather than price sensitive. With Ecopath, we aim at curating quality lasting solutions with regard to day-to-day needs at an affordable price. We shall be adding 200 new products to the existing range, thereby creating an Eco-path for our own patrons, one product at a time ”, he further added.  

Ashwath Chowta, Co-Founder, Ecopath, who has been conducting awareness campaigns with the youth at the particular grassroot level said, “ We not only want to make sustainable items in more categories within the customer goods space. But a lot more critically, make our customers stakeholders associated with sustainable living.

With a presence inside 10, 000 retail outlets across the country, the brand is now spreading its wings through premium quality products made available in modern trade, regional modern trade, general industry, e-commerce, exports, and institutional sales. Currently,   their products are obtainable in supermarkets across Indian as well as GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries.

Since its inception, ECOSAC has already been emphasizing environmentalism through campaigns like #37forEcosac which produced news regarding engaging residents to go environmentally friendly by exchanging plastic in home along with ECOSAC hand bags that are washable, reusable, and durable as the best alternative to plastic luggage. Also, in the year 2018, they introduced Kachra Sack compostable garbage bags to replace the particular hazardous plastic-type garbage bags sold broadly across the streets. Interestingly, during the pandemic, the brand adopted the particular D2C model for its distribution. These types of bags were made available to consumers at their doorstep through home deliveries and consciousness campaigns in societies by the brand name.

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