As Christmas rolls around the corner, people roam around shopping mall aisles filling up wishlists. While gift-giving is precious this time of year, more gifts mean more waste, plastic, and emissions from manufacturing. And that’s not to mention the mountains of paper waste materials from all the wrapping paper that gets shredded on Christmas morning.  

During this time associated with year, shopping for sustainable, eco-friendly gifts is more important than ever. Not only is it a great way to make your gift ideas unique and sustainably sourced, but it also lets you become more environmentally conscious.

Instead of gifting something that will likely wind up in the garbage within a couple of weeks, consider these thoughtful sustainable delights, which include charming gifts for her, lovely ideas for him, gifts for teenagers, and even budget-friendly coworker gifts.

Find the perfect environmentally friendly gifts that will make your Xmas sustainable!  

Sensitive Skin Ritual Premium Eco friendly gifts Christmas 2022
In The Photo: Sensitive Skin Ritual Set. Photo Credit: Impakter Eco.

1- Ajedrea Sensitive Skin Ritual Premium   

For every skincare lover, a decent skin routine is a must!    

While the skin care industry is flooded with products that avoid irritation and redness, each product comes with its own set of ingredients that will requires everyone to do their due diligence before purchasing with regard to a loved one.  

With this full set by Ajederea Rituals come vegan-friendly face cream, rosehip facial fluid and soap, rose water toner, vitamin C serum, eye contour, and lip balm. Sourced from organic, plant-based ingredients, you can be sure that whoever you’re giving will get high-quality components.  

Ajedrea Cosmética Ecológica will be a Spanish company dedicated to artisanal research in handcrafted ecological cosmetics that combine history with the most recent developments to the very last details of their own beauty collection.

THE CAPE SKIRT Embossed Marine
In The Picture: The Cape Skirt Embossed Marine. Photograph Credit: Impakter Eco.


If your bestie is usually a party person, then you should add this particular sophisticated cape skirt to your own Christmas list.  

Designed in Paris, these innovative skirts can be styled in endless ways, from a flawless skirt moment to a sophisticated poncho.   Marion Waterkeyn Couture also creates designs that transform according to the wearer’s desire and almost all items are made-to-order to reduce waste and maintain the longevity of materials.

A dress that transforms into a cloak or a bag for multiple outfits is definitely the perfect eco-friendly present for someone who craves an one-of-a-kind piece in their particular wardrobe.  

In The Image: RE49 Lifestyle Mare Green. Photo Credit: Impakter Eco.

3- RE49 Vegan Sneakers

You can’t go wrong along with gifting someone a pair of vintage-themed ethical sneakers this Christmas. With these distinctive RE49 shoes , they are usually more than just the purchase.  

Made in Italy, RE49 uses the circular economy approach that is PETA-approved vegan plus recycles waste materials such as beach umbrellas and deckchairs, sails, denim, and industrial fabric inventory waste. RE49 is also working to diminish its carbon footprint in order to zero in less than five years by collaborating with firms that share their concerns and goals.  

So, if anyone is still looking for fashion sneakers that will make a positive impact this Christmas, RE49 is a great place to start!

In The particular Photo: Recircle Cashmere Scarf. Photo Credit score: Impakter Environment.

4- Re-Born simply by Tasselli Cashmere

Are you scratching your head regarding gift ideas? Why not give your loved ones some high-quality cashmere scarves or maybe a beanie? Christmas is the season intended for knitwear, so embrace this particular festive time with cozy-crafted fashion!

Eco-Cashmere Ribbed Hat
In The Photo: Eco-Cashmere Ribbed Beanie. Photo Credit: Impakter Environmental.

Re-Born By Tasselli Cashmere is a cutting-edge collection of regenerated cashmere manufactured from recycled raw components and high-quality discarded clothing. From old clothes by making them wearable again to yarn which can be made of pure cashmere and has a low environmental effect, each item retains the soft plus stylish textures that work for any occasion throughout the year.

Tina Turtle - Pet Toy
In The Photo: Laboni Tina Turtle. Picture Credit: Impakter Eco.

5- LABONI sustainable pet toys

It’s Xmas for pets, too! Gift our furry friends these types of award-winning LABONI dog toys during the holidays. From selecting the finest crafted materials made from real cotton and coloured with natural tints, LABONI sets your pet’s products apart from the particular normal “squeaky and kitsch. ”

 Eco Friendly Gifts for Christmas: Pet Blanket
Within the Photograph: Pet Blanket. Photo Credit score: Impakter Ecosystem.

6- B& T Paris Pet Blanket

Don’t forget about your pets’ blanket as well! Nothing is better than this B& To Paris Dog Blanket that collects, repurposes, and recycles through its “regenerated cashmere” programme.

This Global Recycled Standard-certified company makes high-end cashmere apparel not only for kids plus adults but also to get our furry friends along with recycled textiles and manufacturing scraps. Through this slow fashion production process, B& T Paris, france lowers the environmental effects with eco-friendly gifts for all those that love to spend a whole day inside warm pullovers while sipping hot tea.

merino cuffed beanie
Within the Photo: Merino Cuffed Beanie. Photo Credit: Impakter Environmentally friendly.

7- WOLF – Merino Cuffed Beanie

This particular cuffed merino wool hat comes with a classic double layer. You may wear it rolled up or down; simply change the fold as desired. It provides excellent cold and wind protection. This is the perfect sustainable Christmas gift pertaining to your loved ones to keep them warm throughout the holidays.

BRIGHT scarf
In The Image: OXIOUS Bright Scarf. Photo Credit: Impakter Eco.

8- OXIOUS Bright Headscarf (100% Reused Textiles)

A soft, timeless, plus fashionable scarf with the traditional herringbone design.
This scarf is hand made by women in a tiny Turkish hamlet from discarded fabrics and soothing unbleached cotton.

Flavors Blend Mix - raw truffles
In The Picture: My Raw Joy Flavors Blend Mix. Photo Credit score: Impakter Green.

9- MY RAW JOY certified organic raw chocolate truffles

My Raw Joy began as a grandiose idea within a metropolitan kitchen. The particular founder became interested in raw foods after witnessing how they assisted two members of her family attain greater health. She started exploring ways to enhance her balance and found the advantages of plant-based meals plus superfoods, particularly raw cacao. These natural truffles are the nonplus ultra of vegan confectionery! Slippers - Felt and Steel Grey Leather

In The Photo: Felt and Steel Grey Leather Slipper. Photograph Credit: Impakter Eco.

  10-LÉON FLAM Felt and Steel Slippers

There’s nothing better than comfortable and cozy feet during Xmas! These French slippers are inspired simply by the 1920s and aviators to be a part of every modern traveler’s adventure, using only premium, sustainable, plus local components. This is certainly a classy eco-friendly gift for anyone who values comfort in their style.

Hemp Beauty Kit - 5 Chanvria Products
In the Image: Chanvria Hemp Beauty Kit. Photo Credit: Impakter Ecologically.

11-Chanvria Hemp Beauty Package

This CHANVRIA kit contains a new line of 5 dermo-cosmetic treatments(hand cream 50 ml + foot cream 100 ml + encounter cream 40 ml + body balm 150 ml + hydrating serum 30 ml) that are produced from 100% virgin organic hemp oil. This particular beauty package also works for people with delicate or damaged skin (weather, pollution, chemicals, detergents, sun, friction).

Monet Coat
In The particular Photo: Monet Coat. Photo Credit: Impakter Eco.


Everyone needs a good iconic coat for the Christmas season. Thus, why not find one yourself or for your bestie? Handcrafted from 100% wool bouclé, this coat is soft, toasty, and comfy for these cold winter days.

Slow fashionLocal product artisan Fashion handcrafted Ethically sustainable materials
In The Photo: Women’s Jumper Rome. Photo Credit score: Hojarasca.

13- Hojarasca Rome Jumper

Hojarasca is a slow fashion brand that produces this iconic yellow jumper from the best wool to last throughout the season. It’s furthermore simple in order to style! Simply match your own look along with leggings or even skinny jeans and you’re good to go!

Eco friendly gifts for Chrismtas: FAUSTA Sunglasses
In The particular Photo: FAUSTA. Photo Credit: Impakter Environmentally.

14- 1955 Italian Eyewear Factory Fausta

Just because it’s Christmastime doesn’t mean that will the sun disappears! Protect your eyes through UV rays with stylish, environmentally friendly sunglasses!

Fausta sunglasses is an OA Collection icon and a genuine treasure of Italian language workmanship, thanks to their own asymmetrical plus unique frame.

It will be the just piece of eyewear on display at the “Triennale del Design” inside Milan that symbolizes beautiful and timeless character via its rebellious spirit, for individuals who do not really wish to go unnoticed. Red, Honey, and Shiny Black are the three colour options.

Ilot necklace
Inside The Picture: Ilot Necklace. Photo Credit score: Impakter Eco.

15- OMBRE CLAIRE Ilot Necklace

If you are finding something a bit more meaningful, you should not forget to include this necklace to your own wishlist.

This Ilot necklace is made up of two pieces that will overlap. One is composed of 999 silver and the other is made associated with recycled bronze on a 50-centimeter golden brass chain. Handmade in Niger by Tuareg craftsmen plus designed in Paris.

The most luxurious aspect of this necklace is the attention to detail, the delicacy of the particular lines, the carvings, and the treatment taken in material selection with a fair and ethical process all through the whole production process.

Nabuku Messenger Bag
Within the Photo: Nabuku Messenger Bag. Photo Credit: Impakter Environment.

16- NABUKU Messenger Bag

The particular Nabuku Messengerbag is the go-to bag handcrafted within Obertshausen from the finest nubuck leather or extremely light lamb leather that comes with a choice of colours in gorgeous tones that may be worn with a wide range of clothes regardless associated with the time of year.

Starter Kit nudo
In The Photo: NUDO Starter Kit. Photo Credit score: Impakter Environmental.

17- NUDO Starter Kit

Wanna give an unique experiences with your eco-friendly gifts? This particular NUDO starter kit will do! A set of natural plastic-free products inspired by nature, its purity and simplicity with meticulous attention to fine detail and a commitment to quality containing:

  • Bamboo Cotton Buds

  • Reusable Make-up Remover Pads

  • Bamboo Toothbrush Senior

  • Konjac Sponge Charcoal

  • Bamboo Nail Brush along with Sisal Bristles

  • Bamboo Comb

  • Loofah Cotton Pad

  • Shopper in Recycled Cotton

To help a person embrace your after-bathtub experience while at the particular same reducing your personal co2 footprint.

Scarf Chakana

18- LUXALPACA Shawl Chakana

The encounter with Italian design creates a fresh experience that encourages sustainable style created from the magnificent wool of alpaca, a vegetarian diet animal grazing freely in the Andes.

Also, believe it or not, that baby alpaca is the more smooth and hot fabric compared to wool, plus it is usually also more durable, the ideal quality for the eco-friendly gifts.

This Scarf is made of totally Baby Alpacand was created in Italia. It is definitely a replica of the particular chakana, a famous Inca emblem representing the universe and life with completely natural colour; no synthetic dyes were employed comes a fantastic gifting idea meant for scarf-lovers.

Eco friendly gifts for Christmas edition- T shirt "Doki Pupazzo"
Within the Photograph: Christmas Edition T-shirt Doki Pupazzo. Image Credit: Impakter Eco.

19-SOLO COSE  BELLE BIO Christmas  T-Shirt

This holiday season would not be complete without seeing kids wearing this Xmas t-shirt.

“When an idea becomes a concept, and a concept becomes an one -of-a-kind artwork. ” Two sisters from Tradate (Va) along with a lot of enthusiasm and a desire to constantly be active came up with the idea.

MONICA the artist, the love of all things creative, inventive, and communicative, to be conveyed via the most ancient and valuable medium: drawing.

Thus was born the notion of combining all of these elements and launching a project with a concept: to transmit good vibes for this particular festive period through this organic t-shirt in an environmentally friendly way.

England Postage Blazer
In The Photo: England Postage Blazer. Photo Credit: Impakter Ecosystem.

20- MISHIMI Britain Postage Blazer

From  the particular artist’s ambition to mix Italian craftsmanship with foreign culture, high quality, and originality to this slow-fashion” idea, which usually entails reusing second-hand items or creating new honest garments making use of ecologically beneficial procedures.

An England Postage Blazer can be made designed for anyone who’s looking for an one -of-a-kind formal yet casual blazer that could be worn both in order to work or a party.

Vandam Pullover
In The particular Photo: Vandam Pullover. Photo Credit: Bottega Bernard.

21- BOTTEGA BERNARD Vandam Pullover

The flawless winter season accent of the year would be this handmade crewneck produced of gentle and cozy OEKO-TEX licensed wool giving the subtle stripes that make this clothing unique, genderless, and elegant.

Adding some clean, simple lines along with long-lasting, personalized, sophisticated, plus refined materials, result in a flexible style ideal for every event for both men and women.

sustainable jumper
Within the Photo: Dragon Jumper. In The Photo: Smitten Organic.

22- SMITTEN Organic Dragons Pullover 

Eco-friendly gifts don’t have to end up being boring, classic, adult stuff, right? Embrace colors! From the aim to run a responsible and sustainable business by tackling all issues, in accordance with the UN SDG 2030 turns for this adorable dragon pullover that would be that will go-to outfit of every boy or girl which is fond of dragons (you know one associated with them right? ), made out of 100% natural cotton that guarantees softness and ease of wearing.

sustainable jumper
In The particular Photo: Unicorn Jumper. Picture Credit: Impakter Eco.

23- AFFECTED Organic Jaquard Unicorn Mermaid Cardigan

Every kid who loves unicorns would want to wear this unicorn cardigan. Another one through SMITTEN organic that is certainly manufactured from GOTS-certified organic cotton with top quality fabrics that will are long-lasting ultra-soft, comfy, and most importantly cute enough to sleep!

Within the Photograph: Alicia Victoria Bag. Image Credit: Impakter Eco.

24- ALICIA VICTORIA Shoulder Handbag

Browsing for a perfect eco-friendly casual bag that will matches any occasion? This Alicia Victoria Shoulder bag has it all.

With the aim to  reduce the particular waste of raw leather while also enabling the constant usage of leather.

The material was purchased from farmers in the local area associated with the producer in Bogota, where the particular animals had been maintained upon huge meadows and vegetable tanned inside accordance with the EU’s stringent environmental and drinking water protection requirements. Great for presents, great for environments!

Pure Shea 650g
In The Photo: Pure Shea. In The particular Photo: Impakter Eco.

25- ARC EN SELS Pure Shea

This genuine shea butter is sourced from the Burkina Faso women’s cooperative. These amazing ladies collaborated along with Arc en Sels in order to get a lot more active within a fair trade attitude. Extracted plus artisanally made by pressing (rather than churning), without the use of chemicals, releasing just about all of its qualities and providing you with most sources of essential vitamins for that face, hair, plus body.

In The Picture: MARANA. Photograph Credit: Impakter Eco.

26- MARANA Gimmi Jeans 

The Marana Jacket has been inspired by the mountain that we adorn and that shines out next to us, whose name is Marana. Every detail, such as the interior stitching and the redesigned collar to remind a Japanese kimono (excellent denim artisans), has been carefully picked. The hemp contained within allows this particular jacket to be incredibly comfortable both in summer plus winter and provides very long durability.

Maria olive green

27- KRANZ Olive Belt

Getting a leather belt is just a must just for someone that loves styling. This olive leather strap is made of the particular finest quality nubuck leather-based with the surface that is softly sanded, making it rough and velvety to the touch with a light plus attractive look for every Sunday best.

Ok, that was a long list of eco-friendly gifts! We hope you’ve found something matching your idea of an eco-friendly Christmas! If not, you can still take a look on IMPAKTER ECO marketplace and you’ll 100% find the perfect gift.

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