Every time we shop for groceries, it appears that plastic is an inevitable part of the experience. While many companies are slowly implementing upscaling, introducing paper bags and biodegradable plastic, consumers are often unaware of their overall plastic material consumption. Bazar365 is an online marketplace targeting in order to mitigate this lack of awareness by creating a good eco-friendly space for customers to fulfil their responsibilities. Bazar365’s model aligns with SDG 12: Sustainable Consumption and Production. They are tackling this goal by creating a greener shopping encounter and an eco-friendly market place.  

The business was conceptualised when Muntasir Rashid Bhuiyan plus Alec Mithun took the initiative and decided to work towards one of the most pressing issues not only in Bangladesh but around the world — saving the environment. With the objective of producing an environmentally friendly ecosystem, Bazar365 was put into action giving customers the particular magical power to save the surroundings.

Plastic is a man-made problem. Daily, we contribute to plastic consumption, thereby affecting the entire planet. Bazar365, the country’s first eco-friendly online grocery and business model, is offering a solution to recycle its used plastic. The particular company enables its clients to check their plastic footprint plus be conscious of their use of plastic.  

Many online marketplaces are offering convenient and easy grocery shopping. However , what sets Bazar365 apart is its green initiative and the emphasis they place on plastic management awareness. Starting with allowing their own customers to keep track of the amount of plastic material they use, to giving them the particular opportunity in order to recycle the plastic, customers have the particular option to avoid sending plastic into landfills and have the power to save environmental surroundings from their particular homes.

When you get your delivery, you will inevitably find some plastic-type packaging. Nevertheless , the store’s policy allows you to save the plastic, and make a return during the next delivery. In doing so, you can collect reward points, which can later be utilized as a discount for your deliveries. As for the other waste material, it is passed onto their permitted recycling partners who ensure the safe disposal of immensely harmful material, fulfilling the main purpose associated with Bazar365. Long-time customers received plant pots made from returned plastic. Essentially, the customer does not have got to look too far to live a greener lifestyle with Bazar365, that too, along with added cost-efficient benefits.

To ensure food safety, using biodegradable plastic is paramount. At Bazar365, they are usually used to package poultry plus meat, and customers do not need to return them. Additionally , the packaging also targets to reduce waste plus move towards plastic-free product packaging. Furthermore, all the products are acquired from authorised sources.  

To maintain transparency and an ethical code, Bazar365 plans in order to open up its warehouse to clients so that they can visit plus see how the manufacturing and packaging are done. Another step on the business’s agenda is to reuse low-value plastic like candy wrappers, which cannot be properly recycled and does not even have a resale value. The business wants to utilise these plastics to develop a kind of grocery store bag plus add it to its return policy.

Bazar365 hopes to expand within the particular Dhaka division in the next couple of months and expectations to go nationwide within the next two years. Customers can order from their own website through Facebook Messenger or their particular hotline number. For customers living abroad who are looking to send household goods to their parents back home, the WhatsApp number is also available.

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