During the cold, harsh weather of the holiday season, your skin needs a little extra love. And sustainable skin care is the ideal solution for all you conscious buyers out there!

From cleansers and moisturizers to serums and age-defying masks and sprays, the particular Impakter marketplace is your go-to resource this Christmas with regard to all things natural, including luxurious skincare. But sometimes, sustainability in the beauty industry is hard to find, so we’ve got you covered.

Below are eight sustainable beauty products offered on the marketplace to help a person keep toxins and artificial ingredients far from your own Christmas tree and defy same-old, commercialized products that irritate your skin and produce waste through mass production.

Lasting Christmas gift #1-Plastic free production from Uvia

With airless production technology for clean beauty packaging, all Uvia products are safe from outside bacteria plus firm the particular skin with grape derivatives straight through Italian vineyards.

Rich along with pro-age peptides, hyaluronic acid, and organic Nero di Troia marc extract, Uvia features plant-based regenerating cream that enhances flawless aging. The brand’s Milk-based skin cleansers and the Pro Age Face Mask help bring the skin back to its natural state: effortless beauty.

Ideal for the face, neck, and decollete, Uvia sustainable skin care products such as creams and serums reduce wrinkles and firm all skin types for truly radiant sustainable skincare.

Sustainable Christmas gift # 2-Eco-friendly moisturizer and more by Natèclo

Bring “la vie en rose” in order to your skin with Natèclo Cosmetiques . From scrubs to eco-friendly face lotion, all Natèclo products are usually eco-certified plus extracted from natural, natural materials like rose petals, almond oil, and coconut.

Natèclo gives you the best of both worlds with its Face Cream for Oily Skin as well as the Face Lotion for Dry Skin. A plethora of body scrubs, oils, and lotions provide the full package for any varied skin care routine.

All vegan, cruelty-free creams come in recyclable containers so you can purchase, refill, or discard them without the fear of contributing to landfills. Inspired simply by a feminine love associated with natural elegance, Natèclo takes French female ingenuity to a whole new level.

Environmentally friendly Christmas present #3-Responsible sourcing straight from the Earth by Circulove

Fresh through Finland, Circulove uses organic ingredients from Nordic botanicals and berry oils. Circulove’s all-fermented formulas provide ultimate hydration to cleanse and balance your skin layer, smooth blemishes and nourish microbiomes to protect from aging, pollution, and UV rays.

Their Protective Face Cream prevents wrinkles from sun exposure with SPF while their CLEAN Cleansing Micellar Essence refreshes and restores your face for a clear, glowing look with eco-friendly moisturizer. With ingredients that soothe, moisturize, and protect, this organic brand has the full package for all your skin’s varied needs during the harshness of winter.

Sustainable Xmas gift # 4-Vegan, cruelty-free Comptoir Des Huiles for animal lovers

Vitamin E and fatty acids are the main characteristics of Comptoir Des Huiles ’ ingredients. With a nourishing day cream that shields your skin from cold, wind, and rain, this brand of eco-friendly face moisturizer is committed to all-natural skincare.

Start your eco-loving routine in the shower when you wash off the day with the Sweetness of the Orchard Shower Oil made from vegetable oils and floral fragrances. Or try the vegan Relaxation Massage Oil extracted from mandarin and chamomile oils that will fill your home with the soothing aromas of fruit and flowers.

All organic extracts are cold-pressed to ensure a full-bodied product sourced from Mother Nature herself!

Sustainable Christmas gift # 5-Organic ingredients in Herbes Folles

Herbes Folles is a French sustainable skincare brand that uses vegetable extracts for glowing, dewy skin in need of a pick-me-up.

Refresh your epidermis throughout the day with face mists, cleansers, and serums extracted from corn poppy and wild carrot hydrosol. The Névoa Illuminating Moisturizer plus the Mimo Protective Balm both shield skin with a protective barrier that locks in moisture and keeps your pores from clogging.

Sustainable Christmas gift # 6-Plant-based ingredients by Arc En Sels

From the Light Legs’ Lotion to the   Ultimate Organic Green Coffee Elixir, Arc En Sels promotes circulation, regeneration, and moisturization through African and Middle Eastern craftsmanship.

The sustainable products by this brand also ensure longevity plus reduce waste: Each product comes from a fruit-shelling process that will conserves water and ensures that the particular natural oils never turn rancid.

Rich in fatty acids, Vitamin E, and antioxidants, Arc En Sels products treat wrinkles, firm pores and skin, and rejuvenate for an overall refreshed, healthier look.

Sustainable Christmas gift # 7-Cleanse your skin with Maison Bomoi

The key to the right shave is the right soap. Made in France from toxin-free ingredients, this sustainable skincare brand provides PETA-certified pre-whipped shaving balms, soaps, and foams that clean your pores with environmentally friendly, organic ingredients.

Products like the Baobab Oil and Moringa Raw Soap bar and the Shave Ball supply the perfect grooming ingredients within the shower. With Maison Bomoi, you’ll find Baobab Oil, shea butter, goat’s milk, and more natural ingredients that provide a truly clean, glowing complexion.

Through cold foams and active concentrations, Maison Bomoi preserves the quality of their body products through French craftsmanship that respects the Earth and your epidermis.

Eco friendly Christmas gift # 8-Organic ingredients in Oolution

Don’t forget about your hands and feet! Winter can dry out our fingers and leave our ft cracked and dry, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Oolution features a variety of intense lotions from plant-active ingredients regarding sustainably sourced, eco-friendly moisturizers. With their Happy Hands nail plus hand lotion and Feet Good cream, the brand heals your sensitive skin with coconut essential oil just when you need it the most!

Ecological Christmas present # 9-Sustainably sourced soaps from Naiadi Cosmetics

Bodycare found from ancient Greek water nymphs. The ancient Greeks believed that the Naiads rejuvenated health and vitality.

That’s why Naiadi Cosmetics sources all of its soaps, shampoos, and body scrubs straight from raw materials that are hypoallergenic and cruelty-free. All plant extracts and essential oils change into cleansers that are usually made with a cold-pressing method so that all materials are gentle on sensitive skin.

Products like the Pomegranate Cinnamon soap and entire body scrub provide the ultimate cleanse in the shower. Can’t decide on what in order to choose? There are gift boxes just like the calendula, hemp, and pomegranate soap box that allow you to sample which soap is your favorite.

All products are delivered along with recyclable product packaging, reducing the environmental impact through production to delivery for the ultimate lasting gifting this particular Christmas. From hair care to natural exfoliating scrubs, your body plus body will thank you each time you switch your bath routine into a rejuvenating ritual inspired by ancient greek language wellness backed by actual environmentally friendly skin care products.

Sustainable skincare will be the highlight of gift-giving this Xmas. Not only do these certified brands feature healthy, plant-based ingredients for the particular highest quality of personal treatment, but their own tools are sustainably sourced, post-consumer recyclable, and provide an overall reduced carbon footprint throughout the production chain.

And what can bring more holiday cheer than piling exclusive, eco-loving skincare under the Christmas tree ?

P. S. If a person got a tight budget, we’ve got you covered too with 11 Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas Under 20 Euro!

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