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Out with 2022, in with 2023! The confetti, empty champagne bottles, plus obligatory “2023” glasses are gone and it’s time to focus on our plans and goals for the new year .

Even if you’re not the New Year’s resolution type, the start of a new year offers a clean slate — and if you’ve been meaning to get back on track with your workout regimen , be more mindful of how your actions impact the particular environment , or both, we’ve got you covered!

Personally, buying some new workout clothes is a surefire way to keep me on the right track with my fitness objectives. And, thankfully, plenty of workout and athleisure brands that sell high-quality and aesthetically pleasing clothes are committed in order to sustainability.

“The fashion and textile industry has long already been a major contributor to global carbon emissions, making it the major factor to climate change, with some estimates suggesting it is responsible for as much because 10% of all greenhouse gas exhausts, ” Viktoria Kanar, co-founder of Re-Fresh. worldwide , an eco-business offering awareness activities and consulting in the field associated with sustainable style innovation, tells HelloGiggles . In fact , it’s predicted that will predicted the particular fashion industry will become accountable for a staggering 25% of global Co2 emissions by 2050.  

Fortunately, Kanar says we can all play the role within reducing the fashion industry’s carbon footprint. She strongly recommends purchasing clothing that’s made from sustainable materials and supporting brands that prioritize sustainability. “ By assisting companies that are committed to reducing their carbon footprint, consumers can help drive demand for more sustainable fashion options, ” Kanar explains.  

Not sure where to start so your sweat equity helps sustain the environment? These nine workout plus athleisure brands offer gorgeous clothing and accessories which are also kind to Mother Earth.

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Happy Earth
Happy Earth Apparel

Happy Earth Apparel is a sustainable fashion company that has something for everyone. The plant-based performance leggings are a major hit (and for good reason), and you’ll also find eco-friendly loungewear, oversized t-shirts, and blankets for when you want to relax on the couch after a workout.

Shop Happy Earth Apparel


As if Athleta hasn’t already given us enough reasons to love the brand, it turns out they’re also one of the best labels for sustainable clothing. Fashion designer Schauleh Vivian Sahba explains that, although it’s uncommon for such a big company to qualify as eco-friendly, Athleta’s vertical structure makes it one of the most ethical companies out there.

“Thanks to coming under the umbrella of Gap, Inc., the brand controls everything from research and design in order to manufacturing plus distribution, ” Sahba explains. “Their size affords them the ability to hire and maintain the team of sustainability professionals tasked with making sure their processes are at the particular forefront of the sustainable fashion movement. ”

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Nancy Rose Performance
Nancy Rose Performance

Nancy Rose Performance manufactures typically the brand’s workout clothes by following best practices for durability. Recycled water is used to be able to dye their own fabrics, harmful toxins are usually removed in addition to properly disposed of in order to keep the groundwater around the facilities clean, and even the brand has implemented zero-waste production processes.

As an added bonus — especially for anyone who loves to exercise outside — Nancy Increased Performance offers a number of items that contain UPF (ultraviolet protective factor). This is essentially an SPF with regard to clothing because you’ll get extra protection from ultraviolet rays.

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Wolven Threads

Petite Style Coach Angela Foster highly recommends Wolven, noting that it is one associated with the few carbon-neutral manufacturers. Additionally , this carbon credits the brand name purchases support the rainforest and landfill methane programs.

“For women that want for you to spice up their particular workout wear wardrobe along with fun patterns and prints, and unique styles, Wolven is the place to go, ” says Foster. She tells HelloGiggles that Wolven’s Reversible Four-Way Top is a major fan favorite among her clients. “Yes — one top that can be worn four different ways. Talk about adding versatility to help your closet, ” says Foster.  

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Girlfriend Collective
Girlfriend Collective

“Each regarding [Girlfriend Collective’s] styles shows how many water bottles were recycled and how much water and CO2 was saved in the manufacturing process, ” says Foster. This transparency allows customers to see the positive impact each purchase has on the environment. “They also encourage you to send your old items back so they can upcycle them into new garments, ” she adds.  

Foster notes that Girlfriend Collective’s activewear is an especially good option for women who are petite or have shorter legs. “ They’re one of the few to offer the tough-to-find, mid-rise legging option. [It’s] more flattering and avoids the long, flat butt conundrum that frequently happens with high-rise, ” Foster explains. She recommends the brand’s Compression Leggings , which are available with a 24″ inseam — no alterations required!

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Booty by Brabants
Booty by Brabants

There are many reasons to love Booty by Brabants. Designed by fitness instructor Kelly Brabants, this size-inclusive brand is both comfy and stylish — plus, all their products are made with the company’s signature, ethically-made textured materials.

The clothes are one-size and flatter all body types thanks to various compression levels that are tailored for different preferences plus body shapes. Size-inclusive in addition to sustainable? Yes, please!

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Proto101 plants one tree for every garment in order to neutralize their carbon footprint and even combat climate change. The brand thoroughly researches fabrics to ensure they were made using sustainable, eco-friendly practices.

Proto 101’s garments are produced with materials including Supima cotton together with Tencel, and additionally the company works along with Oeko-Tex, a third party that tests evaluates textiles. All fabrics have been testified and officially certified in order to ensure they don’t contain any toxins or chemicals. Plus, almost all orders are usually shipped using recyclable packaging — right down to the plastic bags that will hold the clothes.  

Store Proto101

Line in the Sand
Line in the Sand

If surfing, swimming, not to mention water sports are your own workout of choice, Line in the Sand will quickly become your current go-to. All the brand’s swim leggings and also tops are made from recycled ocean plastics. Plus, 100 percent of the company’s profits are donated to be able to cancer as well as ocean organizations.

In addition for you to Line inside the Sand’s signature waterwear, the brand also sells fun t-shirts, hoodies, sweats, and accessories.  

Go shopping Line within the Sand


Last but certainly not least, an excellent pair of running shoes is essential. Hilma’s sustainable sneakers are manufactured using bio-based materials, like a sugarcane-EV blend for the midsole to help offset the particular carbon released in typically the manufacturing process.

Hilma uses a patent pending fit model and fit predictor to ensure that consumers are matched with the correct style and size for their foot shape. The ordering process entails an online consultation that gathers information about the body measurements, experiences with other sneaker brands, and personal preferences. The particular sneakers usually are available in three colors, and there are three separate “fits” for every size.

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