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The Ecoproducts2Order online catalogue, a large selection of the world’s leading eco friendly and recycled gifts that can all be personalised to your requirements. To view our extensive range of printed promotional gifts that are ideal as corporate gifts, simply click on the area of interest in the menu to the left or below
A4 "Macro" Conference Folder
A4 "Trend" Conference Folder
A4 & A5 Conference Pads
A4 & A5 Document Wallets
A4 & A5 Ringbinders
A4 Coloured Ringbinders
A4 Conference Folder
A4 Conference Folder with zip
A4 Executive Folder
A4 Polypropylene Notepads
A4 Recycled CardCover Notepads
A4 Recycled Hardboard Cover Notepad
A4 Recycled Polypropylene Ringbinders
A4, A5 & A6 Notebooks - Board
A4, A5 & A6 Notebooks - Card
A4, A5 & A6 Notebooks - Polypropylene
A5 Polypropylene Notepads
A5 Recycled Card Cover Notepads
A5 Recycled Hardboard Cover Notepads
A5 Recycled Polypropylene Ringbinders
A6 Polypropylene Notepads
A7 Polypropylene Notepads
Eco Lanyards
Identity Eco Lanyard
Recycled A3 Glued Edged Desk Pads
Recycled A4 Document wallet
Recycled A4 Glued Edged Notepads
Recycled A5 Document wallet
Recycled A5 Glued Edged Notepads
Recycled A5 Tyre Covered Notepads
Recycled A6 Tyre Covered Notepads
Recycled A7 Tyre Covered Notepads
Relieur Plus
Sape Eco Lanyard
Sonora Notepad
Sonora Plus
Basic Jute Shopper
Convention Tote
Cotton "Ginger" Bags
Cotton "Pepper" Shopper Bags
Cotton Canvas "Nutmeg" Tote Bag
Cotton Drawstring "Cinnamon" Bags
Cottonblossom Backpack
Cottonblossom Beach Bag
Cottonblossom Document Bag
Cottonblossom Drawstring Bag
Draw String Bags
Duffle Shoulder Bag
Everyday Jute Shopper Bag
Exhibition Bag - PVC Free
Folby Eco Bag
Genia Bag
Giant Tote Bag
Horizontal Pop Bag
Jute "Mace" Bags
Jute Landscape Large Shopper
Large Eco Shopper, Long Handled (Tote Bag)
Large Eco Shopper, Short Handled (Tote Bag)
Lidy Shopping Bag
Long Handled Cotton Shopper
Mady Shopping Bag
New Multipurpose Jute Shopper
Organic Shoulder Bag
Papiro Shopping Bag
Recycled 80g Non Woven PP Drawstring
Recycled Non Woven PP Fold Up Shopper
Recycled Non Woven PP Shopper
Recycled Paper Carrier Bags
Siarlo Shoulder Bag
Small Tote Bag
Vertical Pop Bag
Xavi Document Bag
Artel Eco Pen
Chupi Colour
Chupi Green
Dary Eco Pen
Eco Retractable Ball Pen
Ecos Ballpen
Leaf Ballpen
Realta Pen
Recycled Mechanical Pencil
Recycled Newspaper Pencils
Recycled Paper Pencil
Recycled Plastic Pencil
Remarkable Pencil
Vegetal Colour Ballpen
Vegetal Frost Ballpen
3 in 1 Desktop Garden
Apple Key Chain Recycled
Azutal Solar Pedometer
Banghor Bath Set
Book of Light
Build Your Own Bird House
Eco Money-Box House
Eco Puzzle
Eco Yoyo
Egg Planter
Foot Key Chain
Golf Pitch Mark Fork
Hand Key Chain Recycled
Helmet Keychain Recycled
Hot and Fruity
House money box - recycled
Magnets, Keyrings & Badges
Maito Natural Soap
Mini Pail and Plant Set
Mini Pig Key Chain
NEW Window Luggage Tag
Pocket Ash Tray
Punjab Soap
Recycle Wastebin Set
Recycled Boomerang
Recycled Frizbee
Recycled Pig Moneybox
Security Luggage Tag
Shaped Golf Tag
Shower Coach
Standard Golf Tag
Tiny Terracottas
Triangular Ice Scraper
Venus Flyer
Wicko Eco Bath Set
Wooden Spinning Top
Wooden YoYo
"Organic" Polo Shirts
Adult "Bottle" Tshirts
Baseball "Bottle" Cap
Cotton Cap
Fleece "Bottle" Jumper
Fleece Scarves
Fleece Vest
New "Organic" Girls T shirt
Organic Adult T-Shirts
Organic Baby Clothing
Organic Boys T-Shirts
Organic Ladies T-Shirts
Recycled T-Shirt
Bamboo Flash Drive
Bespoke Rulers - 15cm & 30cm
Cotton Pencil Case
Dark Wood USB Lanyard
Dark Wood USB Twist
Desk Block Holders - Mini & Large
Double Bevel 15cm Wedge Rulers
Double Bevel 30cm Wedge Ruler
Full Colour Desk Cubes
Leaf Pen Holder
Light Wood USB Lanyard
Light Wood USB Twist
Magic Stapler
Mixed Wood Twist USB
Mouse Pad
Natural Erasers
NEW Monitor Mate
NEW Paperclip Pyramid
NEW Shaped Paper Clip
NEW Shaped Stencils
Paper Clips - Large
Pebble Wood USB
Pencil Sharpener - Cardboard
Polypropylene Triangular Pen Pots
Recycled Black Classic Mug
Recycled Coaster
Recycled Mug
Recycled Paper Flashdrive
Recycled Pencil Sharpener
Recycled Plastic USB Flash Drive
Recycled Polystrene Packaging Rulers
Recycled Tyre Bookmarks
Recycled Tyre Coasters
Recycled Tyre Mouse Mats
Recycled Tyre Pencil Cases
Recycled Vending Cup Rulers
Safety & Firemans Helmet, Milk Churn & Round Bin Sharpeners
Sticky Notes pads
Wheelie Bin Pen Pot
Wheelie Bin Sharpener
Wood Flash Drive
Wooden Pencil Sharpener
Cabano LED Keyring
Clearal Eco Calculator
Cooler Water Powered Clock
Curve Solar Desk Torch
Dynamo Calculator
Dynamo Torch
Farlime Eco Torch
Grenade Style Water Powered Clock
Hydro Water Clock
Kelby Eco Camp Light
Light Clip
Mobile Phone Solar Charger
Paneco Eco Torch
Practo Water Powered Calculator
Rechargeable Key Chain Torch
Shine Solar Powered Torch
Solar Charger Premium
Solar Clock
Solar Powered Torch
Water Power Multifunction Clock
Water Powered 12 Digit Office Calculator
Water Powered Alarm Clock
Water Powered Calculator
Water Powered Clock
Water Powered Multifunction Clock
Water Powered Small Digital Clock
Wingo Eco Clock
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