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1 Green Promotional Product Glossary
1 Green Promotional Product Glossary

With environmentally friendly products increasing in popularity across all business and manufacturing sectors, it is a good idea to know exactly what you may be investing in. Below is a brief summary of key eco terms, and how they relate to the promotional products industry.

Biodegradable promotional items are those that are able to naturally decay without causing any harm to the environment. As well as to the promotional products themselves, this can just as importantly apply to the packaging that they arrive in too. The latest trend in promotional products is the use of ‘PLA’, which is a plastic like substance made from corn starch. This new material features all the benefits of plastic, but without the negatives to mother nature.

Ethical promotional products are those where the business has adhered to their own moral principles when producing their goods. This is normally taken to mean over and above any legal requirements.

Fair Trade promotional gifts are those that adhered to the Fair Trade agreement, which was set up to ensure Third World producers receive a better price for their goods.

Non-Polluting promotional items are those where intentional steps have been taken to avoid damaging the environment in one form or another. An example of this could be using natural pesticides rather than harmful chemicals.

Organic corporate gifts are those that have not used any artificial chemicals in the growing of plants or animal feeds, that are needed to produce that particular product. Popular organic products are cotton or jute shoppers, which haven’t been touched by any nasty metallic dyes. Other great promotional items include clothing made from bamboo and writing instruments made from cinnamon.

Recycled promotional items are made from materials that have been used before. The old material has been broken down and processed so it can go on to create a new product. The current major trend for recycled products is for those made from PET (petroleum-based plastic), which currently go into making the majority of water bottles. A whole range of recycled promotional products are available however including; glass, leather, tyres, paper and CD cases for example.

Sustainable promotional products are those that are made from or powered by, something that can continue for a very long period of time. A sustainable item could be either be a dynamo torch or a jute bag for example. Interesting new technologies are now available that you may find surprising. Everyone has seen a solar powered calculator, but how about a water powered one?

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