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About Us
Ecoproducts2order, are committed to providing and printing the highest quality promotional and corporate merchandise made from both recycled and sustainable resources, for example: CD cases, games consoles, plastic cups and retail packaging, tyres, polypropylene, paper, cardboard and sustainable wood.

Our core range of products, are made from recycled, organic, sustainable or ethically sourced materials and includes;

Pens and pencils made from recycled paper, card together with sustainable wood, recycled plastics from car parts, computer keyboards or mobile phones, recycled newspapers, recycled tyres, wood from sustainable forests.

Caps manufactured using unbleached natural cottons or a mixture of recycled bottles and recycled cotton. Polo shirts,
T shirts
or fleeces using organic cotton, a recycled bottle/recycled cotton mixture or natural unbleached cotton.

Popular desktop items such as rulers, coasters and mugs using recycled CD cases (polystyrene). Memo blocks using recycled plastics, ring binders using recycled polypropylene and pencil sharpeners using recycled cardboard together and recycled plastics.

Notebooks and sticky notes making use of recycled cardboard, paper, tyres and recycled polypropylene.

Conference folders using recycled leather, recycled paper and polypropylene.

USB Flash Drives manufactured from recycled plastic or sustainable wood can be personalised with your corporate details.

Our desktop gardens are real winners and help you bring the outdoors inside.

Our range is completed with water, solar and self powered products that make use of nature itself.

We are constantly adding to our website with the latest eco-friendly products available and strive to ensure all our merchandise is of the highest quality with the lowest detrimental environmental impact as possible. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, please contact us and we will find it for you.
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